A New Modality to Help You Release Your Blocks

Does this sound familiar? Your beliefs determine how you experience life. Beliefs create the lens with which you see the world, which then shapes your thoughts and actions — even in ways you don’t consciously intend or desire. 

You may also be aware that unprocessed negative emotions get stuck in our bodies and cause dis-harmony and dis-ease. They block the necessary energetic flow and literally cause damage to our systems on a cellular level. They become negative loops that continue to take place like scripts running in the background of our minds (supporting our beliefs) and are heightened when we are triggered. We have to release them and plant new, positive looping beliefs in their place. So, how do we do that? 


I Beth, work with a modality called Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™). EPT™ is a healing system that targets the root unresolved conflicts that created the lens and negative looping beliefs that you’re living from. With this tool, we are able to make peace and release the conflicts and plant new, positively aligned beliefs in its place, allowing for more flow, more acceptance and a better life. 


Have you ever tried affirmations? Or shifting your thoughts to positive thinking? I certainly have. And, while the idea of focusing on the positive in life to generate more positivity can be a helpful tool, it doesn’t always stick. And here’s why — it’s not actually your thoughts that create your life; it’s the deeply-rooted beliefs that create your thoughts, and therefore, your life experience. Your thoughts are the roadmap to your beliefs. And trying to consciously switch the negative thoughts to positive ones bypasses the reprogramming that is needed. Those negative thoughts are the key to uncovering where you need healing and should not be ignored or pushed away! Some of these beliefs are so deeply-rooted, that you don’t even know where they come from. Generational beliefs and traumas are passed down through our DNA and are such a PART of who we are, that simply trying to change your perspective from a conscious place isn’t enough. We have to tap into our subconscious to re-work the wiring.


As a collective, we are being called to do the healing work of many generations before us that didn’t focus on healing themselves. Many of us are dealing with chronic ailments that western medicine hasn’t been able to help. EPT™ is so effective because it re-wires us to live in a healthier way, so that our bodies and minds can function freely and optimally.

With the EPT™ process, we uncover the root of those beliefs by pin-pointing the trapped emotions and unresolved conflicts that are connected to whatever situation you’re dealing with in the present (i.e. anxiety, depression, addiction, old trauma, any type of physical or emotional block). I use muscle testing to connect with the subconscious body to accurately discover the root memory. This process is incredible — it feels like detective work! 


Once we uncover the root block and its associated emotions, we tap into our existing electromagnetic field to intentionally interrupt that specific emotional pattern and create space for a new, more positive neural pathway to be created. We then apply forgiveness to the situation — forgiveness is the key here. Now we can look at the story of our root memory and see it from a new, loving perspective so that we can actually move past it. Once we do this, we craft a new narrative for your life that is aligned with whatever you are desiring. This part of the process supports the body and nervous system while allowing your brain and body to feel safe, so we can effectively plant the new narrative. 


When we work with EPT™, we are able to remove the stigmas of trauma, pain, and negative feelings and instead use those areas to guide us into expansion. We use this tool to reduce our triggers and increase our ability to adapt to whatever stressors life sends our way. It isn’t about fearing or ignoring the negative feelings you experience — but rather, allowing those feelings to be important information directing you to where you need healing. Our bodies have an incredible intelligence and are always positioning us to heal, evolve and expand. When we feel pain, it's our body’s way of telling us it needs attention. Working with EPT™ has empowered me. Instead of feeling helpless in life, frustrated by my experiences or feeling like I don’t work “hard enough” to achieve my dreams, I learned that I can shed the things that don’t align with me, by following my negative loops and healing them. And, by simply trusting that I have the roadmap to a better life already within me. The revelations that come from each session are incredibly profound and provide a context for my life that is inspiring and liberating.  


One thing I love about EPT™ is that you don’t have to know everything about why you’re having the experience you are having. You don’t even need to be able to articulate it, and you especially don’t need to analyze it until you’re blue in the face. The body tells us where to focus — where healing is needed in that exact moment. Trusting the body to direct us, frees up our already preconceived notions, and makes us surrender to what is. Almost every single session takes us in a direction that I, as the practitioner, am even surprised by! We truly have to surrender to the process and allow it to drive the healing. 

3 Simply Ways to Work With Your Emotions — Without a Practitioner:

Honor your feelings in the moment

One of my favorite practices when I find that something is triggering me is to “say yes.” For example, if I’m noticing the emotion of fear creep up, I simply take a pause and say out loud or in my mind, “I say yes to this fear — I call it up from the cells of my body and release it with gratitude.” Then I breathe in my nose and out my mouth — allowing that fear to exit my system. I sometimes say a few more statements like, “Without this fear, I open up space to... (insert desired feeling or experience here).” By saying yes to difficult emotions, we are honoring them, and thanking them for showing us where we need extra love. Those parts of us that need to be acknowledged instead of pushed away. I try to treat it like I would treat a small child, in a nurturing and friendly way, giving voice and space to the emotion, which in turn, decreases the power it has over my mind and allows me to move forward in the face of it.   

Breath Work

Another tool I lean on is breathwork. I have a very firey chart (hello Leo sun + Sag moon) and really appreciate anything that gives me an instant shift, lift or release. Breathwork practices are super accessible because you can pretty much do them anywhere and with limited time. So when you’re in the office and a co-worker is triggering something uncomfortable within you, take a five-minute bathroom break and do some breathwork! It’s incredible. I love the simple, approachable and gorgeous book, How to Breathe by Ashley Neese for different techniques depending on your specific needs. 

Write it out

Lastly, I do morning pages. I learned about this practice through a friend who swears by her morning pages. It is simple. Every morning when you get out of bed, take 10 minutes (I literally set a timer) to journal anything that comes to mind. A recap of your dreams, how you’re feeling at the moment, what you’re planning for the day… anything and everything. The key is to allow the thoughts to flow out of your head and onto paper without reason and without structure. Mine are usually entirely illegible and if I were to read them back, nothing would seem to make sense. It is a form of total release and acceptance, allowing whatever comes up to come out. And, it’s a literal brain-dump, clearing space in my mind of the things that don’t need to be there, running around in the background. I find my day following this practice will have more peace and clarity.

I hope these tools are helpful in your life! 

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Beth Porter is an EPT™ Practitioner and Human Design Reader based in Colorado. She sees clients both remotely and in-person and uses her work to remove the extra layers we all carry that blocks our ability to experience life fully and from a place of authenticity.

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