Introduction to The Adeptist

My journey to the Adeptist…

Hello loves, Elizabeth here. I wanted to be the first to begin sharing content on this new platform that I feel so honored + excited to bring to you all. If by chance you have been following along since the very beginning, you’ve seen this brand + company go through many metamorphoses. From a recipe blog that expanded into a nutrition practice, to the elixirs + adaptogens pretty much taking over, and now, to a more refined + aligned compilation of them all...I bring you, The Adeptist. I get chills writing this because as I reflect on the last 5 years, Adeptist is what was being birthed all along.

If you’ve been around for a while, or listened to podcast episodes that I’ve been on, you probably know bits and pieces of my story + background. 

To make a long story short, I have been passionate about health + wellness since the age of 14. At 16 I was making kombucha + fermenting all sorts of things in the basement, studying books on plant based nutrition and unknowingly using adaptogens before the term ‘adaptogen’ was widely used. You can imagine that growing up in the midwest, I didn’t really fit in. When I moved to Boulder, CO to study holistic nutrition, I felt like I had landed in my ideal place. 

Nutrition school was a dream and it became invaluable for not just my career, but my personal healing and everything that it introduced me to. As my program began to wrap up, previous years of severe over exercising, combined with an eating disorder and a perfectionist mind that ran the show all began to catch up to me, and my body + nervous system began to react negatively. Though at the time this was miserable, it was the necessary push for me to do the real healing. 

When I say ‘real healing’ I am referring to the healing that runs deeper than the physical body. I began taking inventory of my thoughts, my trauma and where I was self sabotaging. I started a regular meditation practice of Vedic Meditation, which has become my anchor in this process of deconditioning. I observed as I devoted myself to healing on this level, how my physical body reflected that health, without me really putting a ton of focus on it, as I had done in the past. 

Through this unwinding, it was clear that for my growth, I needed to drop the identity I had wrapped up in being a nutritionist and fully embrace my company as a product based company solely offering adaptogen blends. It wasn’t easy surrendering something that I thought I wanted so badly, but what has come to be, with By Erika Elizabeth, and now the Adeptist, is beyond what I could have imagined for myself or the brand. This company is truly an extension of the deepest parts of my soul, that, above anything else, is driven by the exploration of a new paradigm and awakening healing + empowerment within as many people as possible. 

As we embark on this next chapter as The Adeptist, it is my intent to create a platform that provides a wealth of knowledge, community + support, beyond just our magical adaptogen blends. Adaptogens were a huge avenue for healing for me and continue to be something that I incorporate on a daily basis in order to be able to show up to my life full on. However, beyond that, there are modalities, products and practitioners who have played an integral part in my evolution, and therefore, the brand’s evolution as well. I want to share these with you. My desire is for The Adeptist to be THE source for wellness that extends far beyond the body and weaves together body, mind and spiritual health in a truly integrated way. Additionally, I want The Adeptist to come to life as a community of humans on a path of deep Self exploration, healing and social impact. It is our time. The world needs YOU + me to HEAL, in order to shift the world we live in. 

Finally, as we grow the brand, I desire to stay authentic, fully transparent and fucking REAL. I’m not interested in building a business the way that it has always been done. Like most things in my life, I am interested in paving a new way...hello Week of the Unconventional (if you're familiar with the astrology birthday book). I am grateful for each and every one of you who have engaged with the brand, used our products, tagged us on Instagram, written a review, attended an event, featured us on your podcast, etc. I genuinely see and acknowledge all of you. Thank you. I love you. Here’s to a new wave. Xo, E